Air France Concorde Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Minecraft maps which make monuments of popular places and things from the real world aren’t at all uncommon, like the Titanic maps many of you may have already seen floating around. It seems like legendary things almost automatically get people creating monuments to them, and the Air France Concorde map is like a shrine to the famous French jet. Unfortunately, that fame came with a crash, a huge fireball, and many dead bodies, but then the Titanic is fairly famous for having the same thing happen to it. There’s just something about tragedy that gets the attention of people.







At least the plane on this map won’t take a nosedive into the ground. If you should try to exit the Air France Concorde though, you’ll be faced with a long fall and a horribly painful landing at the bottom. This map is more to give players an idea about how the plane looked on the interior and exterior rather than to offer a cool place to play Minecraft, though it’s perfect for players who have ever wanted to roleplay taking a flight in the past. In short, if you’ve ever wanted to run around inside of a huge passenger plane on Minecraft, this map will give you the chance.

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: maeete



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