Arestian’s Dawn Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1

As far as RPG packs go for Minecraft, Arestian’s Dawn resource pack has always been one of the best. It’s compact, easy to install, easy to boot and easy in getting along with various mods and other resource packs which might be running at the same time. Overall, it’s just easy, which is exactly what players want when they download a resource pack. It includes a host of updated icons for the various buffs and stat decreases which can affect players, including poison, hunger, food levels, health levels, speed/slowness, strength/weakness and more. It’s very thorough in this respect.






Weapons get some decent upgrades too. Swords of all types as well as tools, armor, map items and more all get an added touch of fantasy elements, making them look bigger, badder, meaner and tougher; except in the case of the map, which just looks beat up and worn from being rolled up and unrolled over and over. It might seem like a small thing, but snow-covered grass blocks have grass dangling over the sides, letting the player know they aren’t just simple dirt blocks. There are many little details like this which you just don’t see when you’re playing traditional Minecraft.






There’s just one little problem with Arestian’s Dawn resource pack, but it is a problem facing many resource packs at this time. Because of the recent Minecraft client update to version 1.8, there are many new blocks, monsters and items in the game. Arestian’s Dawn resource pack doesn’t have graphics for all these new additions because it hasn’t been updated in a little while – several months, actually. But it’s a fairly safe bet that someone will do something to remedy this, and we will soon have a version of Arestian’s Dawn texture pack which works well with Minecraft 1.8.1. For now, all you’ll get is 1.7 or earlier.

Arestian’s Dawn Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1 Changelogs


  • Added texture to Creeper.


  • Added CTM Support to Oak Planks, Oak Stairs, Cobblestone Half Slabs, Double Half Slabs and Stairs, Oak, Spruce and Birch Double Half Slabs.
  • Tweaked CTM for Cobblestone and Stonebrick


  • Added texture to Normal and Fermented Spider Eye, Clay Ball, Yellow, Green and Orange Dye.

How to install Arestian’s Dawn Resource Pack?

  1. Download the pack from the link provided.
  2. Open Minecraft and navigate to your resource packs page (%appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks – for Windows).
  3. Open your resource packs folder and drag the Arestian’s Dawn zip file from your downloads folder into it.
  4. Select it from the list!

Download Links for Arestian’s Dawn Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.1  – 32×32


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