Athyon Ascesent Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

When you see words like “perfect” and “paradise” used to describe a Minecraft map, it’s only normal to be a little skeptical. It seems like every man, woman and child who makes their own Minecraft map thinks the thing is perfect, except for those modest ones who know they’re churning out crap. However, the Athyon Ascesent map really is one of the best looking maps available right now, and it’s practically brand new on top of that, so you might not have heard about it yet. So what sets this map apart from all the others? There are a few very good things about it.






For starters, it wasn’t actually built in Minecraft. There are programs you can use to create your own Minecraft worlds from a top down view – if you’ve ever played Starcraft or Warcraft and tried building your own custom world there, it’s kind of similar. The landscapes are massive and look natural, rather than having wintry biomes suddenly stop and become desert like in vanilla Minecraft. Also, the Athyon Ascesent map contains all biomes, though they are seperated into about six small islands. You’re going to want a boat for this one, or probably several boats since you’re sure to crash a few times while sailing.

Download Links for Athyon Ascesent Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Zwoeard – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft


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