Buttons Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


As far as puzzle maps go, Buttons is very simple. The objective of the various puzzles found throughout the map is to find the hidden button tucked away in each of those puzzles. By pressing it, you will open the way ahead and get access to later parts of the map. There are 15 total levels, or stages if you prefer, but the map is still relatively quick and should only take a few minutes to finish. It’s fast, intense fun that any puzzle pro will make short work of, but even amateurs can still probably get through Buttons before an hour passes.


Even if it’s a quick map, Buttons comes with a major variety of different designs. There are levels in the forest, tundra, cave and mushroom biomes, as well as special desert shrine, ocean shrine and library levels. None of the puzzles are too easy, but then none of them are very difficult either, so the map is really perfect for players of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a refreshing new take on classic puzzle maps in Minecraft, you may have found it here. Others will probably be fine just skipping this and waiting for something with more depth.

Buttons Map Stages

  • Stage 1: Forest
  • Stage 2: Tundra
  • Stage 3: Desert Shrine
  • Stage 4: Cave
  • Stage 5: Home
  • Stage 6: Fancy
  • Stage 7: Ocean Shrine
  • Stage 8: Library
  • Stage 9: Illusion
  • Stage 10: Mushroom Island
  • Stage 11: Treehouse
  • Stage 12: Laboratory
  • Stage 13: Highway
  • Stage 14: Maze
  • Stage 15: Ancient Shrine

Download Links for Buttons Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Hyugyio



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