Capture the Flag! Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

There are without a doubt dozens of different capture the flag maps out there. It’s still a fairly fun game mode for Minecraft players though, so it’s no surprise that another one was recently released. What makes this Capture the Flag! map unique is the fact there are three different capture points and flags to capture for both teams rather than one. This one simple change seriously diversifies the gameplay and makes this particular capture the flag map a lot more exciting than most. Will the enemy team go for A, B, or C? Do you have enough players on your team to defend all three? It’s thrilling.






Besides this distinctive feature, Capture the Flag! also has lots of the things you see standard in other capture the flag maps. Some paths have deadly traps lurking in the floors or along walls, ready to kill unwary players. Both bases are also identical, which means neither team has an unfair advantage over the other, at least in terms of terrain or map layout. Weapons, potions and ender pearls can be found in boxes placed around the map as well, giving players a good secondary objective to go after if they want to get an edge over the other team.

Capture the Flag! Map Includes

  • 2 identical bases
  • Chests full of Iron Swords, Enchanted Bows, Arrows, Potions and an Ender Pearl
  • Deadly Traps and Shortcuts
  • Winners Podium
  • Easter Eggs

Download Links for Capture the Flag! Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Blancolobos – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum


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