Castle of Red Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

The Castle of Red is a map featuring a massive, red-roofed castle of a truly huge scale. It’s height reaches the world maximum of 256 blocks in some places, and the castle is over 175 blocks wide and 600 blocks long. It’s the size of, well, a castle. It would be perfect for plastering into the middle of a bunch of small NPC villages, but there is plenty to explore in the castle itself too, so you can just load up this map and proceed to have a good time. Like a lot of other maps featuring massive buildings, there is no interior to explore in this castle. It’s a little disappointing because of that. But also interesting.








It’s not a very full place of course. Without a number of other players on the map with you, you’ll probably get bored quickly with wandering the interior of a massive, empty shell of a castle. Unless you’re the type of player who actually enjoys building the insides of places, then you might really like the Castle of Red map. You could come up with a layout of your own and make it exactly the kind of castle you want. It just comes down to you and whether you see a place that’s unfinished or a place that you could turn into whatever you want.

Download Links for Castle of Red

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Creator409



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