Counting Sheep Map for Minecraft 1.8.9/1.8.8

Have you ever heard the expression about counting sheep to help yourself get to sleep when you’re having a tough time nodding off? Well, the CountingSheep map in Minecraft is nothing like that. Instead, players have a very short 2 minute timeframe to run around the map, collecting as much wool as possible from chests which dot the playing area. The idea is to get the highest score possible, so getting as many pieces of wool as possible would seem like the way to win it, right? Well, that’s a good strategy, but since different colors of wool have different point values, you need to think ahead.



The rules for Counting Sheep map are as simple as the gameplay itself. For one, there’s no PVP allowed. As much easier at killing other players and stealing their wool would make things, just don’t. Also, breaking blocks throughout the world is another no go. This isn’t such a big deal though since the pathing was done well and you can get at everything without breaking blocks anyhow. Last, but probably the most important of all, is that you play Counting Sheep on gamemode 2, which is Adventure. This will add monsters to the map and create a chance for player deaths and massive wool drops.

Server Settings:

  • pvp=false
  • difficulty=0
  • enable-command-block=true
  • gamemode=2

Wool Point Values:

  • White – 1 Point
  • Light Gray – 2 Points
  • Gray – 3 Points
  • Black – 4 Points
  • Brown – 5 Points
  • Pink – 6 Points
  • Magenta – 7 Points
  • Purple – 8 Points
  • Blue – 10 Points
  • Light Blue – 12 Points
  • Cyan – 14 Points
  • Green – 16 Points
  • Lime – 18 Points
  • Yellow – 18 Points
  • Orange – 20 Points
  • Red – 20 Points

Counting Sheep Map Rules

  • No PVP
  • Do not break blocks
  • Stay in gamemode 2 (Adventure)
  • Do not leave the map area.

Download Links for Counting Sheep Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Resource Pack:

Credit: CeruChick


  1. Hey! I am the creator of this map! I just wanted to thank anyone who has downloaded the map, and encourage you to check out and leave a comment on the original forum post:

    All feedback is welcome 🙂

    Also, if you liked this map, check out the sequel; Counting Sheep 2: Pillars of Stone (

    P.S. Thanks to minecraftsix for using my download links so I could track my downloads – however, there is some valuable information that is missing from the post (like the server property for the resource pack and the thank you credits to my play testers) Also they didn’t use my map description. Please visit the original post. I would greatly appreciate it.


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