Danger o’ Plenty Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

The Danger o’ Plenty map is like a lot of other CTM maps you can find on Minecraft. To understand what that means, you need to first understand what CTM means. In Minecraft terms, CTM means “collect the material” or maybe something that sounds a little different but basically means the same thing, depending on who you ask. The objective is to progress through a given map while collecting as much of a specific material as possible. These materials serve as a marker to measure the player’s progress. In the case of Danger o’ Plenty, the material is colored wool blocks.



With 16 different blocks to collect, the Danger o’ Plenty map gives players a lot of items to gather. The thing it does which separates it from every other item-gathering Minecraft map is, it’s fun! The map is balanced and fair, being perfect when playing on normal but working more or less the same on hardcore and other difficulty levels. Besides collecting items, the next objective is obviously to stay alive, regardless of how you do it. Do you want to explode everything near you with TNT, or would you rather build walls, set up lights and do more to keep baddies away? This map caters to many different players.

How to install Danger o’ Plenty Map?

  1. Download the map, after unzip in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves!

Download Links for Danger o’ Plenty Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: lance_armada – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum


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