Dead Prison Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Dead Prison: Terror Behind Bars is a custom Minecraft map which features, of all things, an abandoned and haunted prison. Well, it isn’t technically abandoned since you and anyone else playing will be stuck in the place, but it absolutely is haunted. In fact, every other inmate, along with every member of the prison staff, have all been converted into flesh-eating zombies thanks to a viral outbreak in the basement of the place. Players will get access to the normal Minecraft weapons, but with some mods you can add guns to this map as well, and those come highly recommended.







You’ll really be dealing with a prison full of zombies. On top of the ones which naturally occur thanks to being placed by the author, there are spawners hidden in the walls throughout the building, so even after you clear an area of the undead it’s never exactly safe. The main objective is to find four different generators scattered throughout the prison, activate them all, then escape from the grounds. Like any other custom map, don’t break any blocks unless you’re instructed to do so! It’s all too easy to break the immersion in Dead Prison by simply making a hole in the wall and leaving. Don’t be that guy.


  • Don’t breack anything!
  • Don’t cheat!
  • Only place Keys/levers on Chiseled Stone Bricks.
  • Find an escape way!

Dead Prison Map for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Find fuel to travel to new locations such as the Motel.
  • Find pieces to repair your car.
  • Struggle to get to a possibly safe heaven.

Download Links for Dead Prison Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: RaptorSpinoRex1 – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum


  1. How Do You Get It In Your Worlds? I Dont Know! I MEAN THE MAP (The Dead Prison: Terror Behind Bars) HOW DO U GET IT IN UR WORLD

  2. To Put the map on minecraft You Need to go to the search Bar And Type “%appdata%” then go to .minecraft and go to saves and drag and drop the map there Hope It Helped!


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