Edible Bugs Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2

Edible Bugs is a great mod that aims to solve most of the hunger problems that players face when they’re playing Minecraft. Food is one of the most important resources to have in Minecraft because characters get hungry often, and they can’t really do much if their hunger isn’t replenished. However, players can only carry so much food with them when embarking on adventures since there’s a limited amount of storage space. Fortunately, with the Edible Bugs mod, you won’t need to worry about carrying insane amounts of food with you any longer because the mod will take care of the hunger issue for you.



The Edible Bugs mod basically adds a whole lot of bugs to the game, and as the name suggests, you can actually eat these bugs. There are lots of food-focused mods for Minecraft, but the charm of this particular mod lies in the fact that it scatters these edible bugs throughout the game world so you can find them no matter where you go. Since there are bugs everywhere in the game world, you’ll no longer have to carry absurd quantities of food with you because you will be able to replenish your hunger through these bugs.



The bugs of the Edible Bugs mod can be located in the dirt, grass, sand and even trees. Whenever you encounter a bug, all you have to do is pick it up and eat it to replenish a solid amount of hunger. It’s worth noting that these bugs can be cooked as well. Cooking the bugs might sound like a tedious task at first, but it’s actually quite useful most of the time because properly cooked bugs end up replenishing a lot more hunger than raw bugs do which makes the time spent cooking them well worth it.

Edible Bugs Mod Update Logs

  • Fixed a crash when the fuel was empty in the Fryer.
  • Added Advancements.

How to install Edible Bugs Mod?

  1. Download Forge installer.
  2. Download Edible Bugs mod for your Minecraft version.
  3. Install Forge on your Minecraft.
  4. Run Minecraft, close Minecraft.
  5. Put the mod in the mods folder.
  6. Run Minecraft, enjoy!

Download Edible Bugs Mod



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