Harder Peaceful Mod for Minecraft 1.8


Sometimes you see a Minecraft mod that just makes you wonder why someone would make the thing in the first place. The Harder Peaceful mod is one of those mods; it removes the automatic food and health regeneration present in Peaceful mode and makes the game just a little harder than it normally is. However, because this only means you won’t constantly be full and you won’t regenerate health unless you eat something, these little “spikes” in difficulty are easily overcome, even by the worst Minecraft players. Everyone knows how to find food and eat it, so what’s the point of this mod?


That’s hard to say, really. While you can still play in Peaceful to avoid getting blown to bits by the odd creeper, if you were playing on Peaceful because you didn’t want to die in the first place, then why would you even use the Harder Peaceful mod? While there are some mods out there which are quirky and can be fun under the right circumstances, there’s just never any point in time where this particular mod sounds like a good idea. Seriously, if you want hunger, just switch your game back to Survival mode and play it like it was meant to be played.

Harder Peaceful Mod for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • Updated to Minecraft 1.8
  • Made food loss persistent.
  • Added a config for update checking.
  • Fixed health regeneration bug.

Download Links for Harder Peaceful Mod

for Minecraft 1.8 – Requests: Minecraft Forge

Credit: wuppy29 – Website: Wuppy29.com


  1. Don’t know why the review of this mod is so critical of it. This is one of my favorite mods – it enables starvation but not hostile mobs. It gives food items far more use than they would normally have in Peaceful mode, especially if you don’t engage in much farming! No more useless stacks of potatoes, carrots, wheat, seeds, apples…

    Actually, this mod page seems pretty rude and offensive towards the creator of the mod.

  2. I don’t get the hate for this mod, or the crummy attitude of the writer. The mod makes perfect sense to me, it allows for a non-fantasy survival mode. Maybe you like the idea of trying to survive alone in the wilderness without minecraft’s lame creatures and fantasy hook. So I’m sorry you don’t get the point, but everyone else seems to be smart enough to understand the concept.

  3. “… play it like it was meant to be played.”

    More annoying words have never been uttered about a video game. And I curse all who use them.

    I paid my $ for the game, just like everyone else. -I- will decide how I want to play it.

    Like others, I find myself with a “peaceful” world, with acres of farmland and hundreds of livestock, all serving virtually no purpose at all. I wanted some bloody reason to actually EAT the food in Peaceful mode. That’s all.

    In fact I play a couple different worlds. Sometimes I want to run around killing things “like it was meant to be played.” Sometimes I don’t. I just want to explore and build and farm and explore some more. Oh yeah – “farm”. Useless if don’t/can’t eat the damn food.

    Hell, sometimes I like to just be all-out stupid and make giant craters with 1000 boxes of TNT, fling rail cars into space, make a giant golden penis-shaped castle, or experiment with redstone circuits, traps, building methods (e.g. how to put a roof on a 5-story house without falling). God bless Creative mode for those things. I expect that full-blown sandbox mode to be free from hunger and damage. That’s perfect. But I find little joy in exploring a Creative-mode world, considering I can create whatever I want with a few clicks.

    So I have two “Survival” worlds, one Peaceful, one not. Which one I play at any given time depends on my mood, free time, etc…. And it is NOT subject to your or anyone else’s opinion.

    Even the game’s creator understands the #1 selling point of the game: play it your way. Why did he add a Peaceful mode? Because people wanted it. While I and others may be in the minority in that we’d like “hunger” in Peaceful mode, I think we pretty much accept it’s not there by default, because we’re in the minority… and we’re happy to use an optional mod, if it’ll give us what we want. But we would like useful information about such mods – and we don’t appreciate our tastes being bashed by some holier-than-thou blogger who thinks he’s God’s gift to gaming (and doesn’t even have the balls to leave his real name, just “Staff”). How I play a game – any game, let alone one as open as Minecraft – is NOT up to you.

    If you don’t like a particular mod, by all means feel free to share that opinion. But declaring it useless because YOU don’t like what it does… you know what you’ve done? Marked your own site as “useless” to me in the future. I didn’t come here to find out how you think it’s “meant to be played.” I want to know what the mod does and if there are any concerns e.g. incompatibilities, side effects, unintended changes… things I might need to know before installing it. Whether or not you like what the mod does… ain’t one of them.

    Now I know “MinecraftSix” is not a reputable site for such information. That’s the only useful piece of information I got from your “review.” Well done.

  4. I’m also very offended by this page. I feel like you should be able to play how you want to play the game. I work two part-time jobs and get very frustrated seeing hours of work get destroyed by one creeper or die and lose hours of resources when I’m way too far from my spawn point to find all of my items and experience. I don’t have time or patience for that. I usually end up abandoning the build out of frustration.

    I also enjoy making farms and raising livestock but if I have no hunger, what’s the point? Please choose your words more wisely. I would not return to a site that I feel berates my play style or disrespects mod makers. I feel like Greg summed it up perfectly, I just wanted to reiterate.

  5. Really? The attitude is not needed, I play on peaceful mode, because I like my games realistic, but I do not have the best computer (I can run Arma III on low graphics and only get around 20 frames max) So I play Minecraft, I don’t want to play in creative, but I don’t want a fucking massive spider mauling me inside my mine, so I turn off Survival, but the hunger stays up, so it gets rid of the surviving part and makes it “Creative without creative” But now with hunger the survival aspect is back.


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