Hotspring Island Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Have you ever seen the Japanese animation titled “Spirited Away”? It was a pretty popular film back when it first released, and every few years since then it seems lots of people start talking about it again, as if they’ve just heard about it for the first time. That is just one of several different animated movies by the same studio and their offerings are very popular, so it’s worth a look. However, that’s not the point of this little review. Here we want to talk about Hotspring Island, a custom Minecraft map based on a setting from the world of “Spirited Away”, like a piece of the movie built into a video game.



If you’re looking for a high fantasy setting, it goes without saying this will satisfy your demands. It looks like a world somewhat similar to our own, except hundreds – or even thousands – of years in the past. There are bright lights and big crowds everywhere; or there could be with a few other mods installed. Like other massive custom built worlds, Hotspring Island map can seem kind of desolate and lonely if you aren’t strolling through it with a few friends. Because the island is equipped to handle hundreds of people at a time, you would need a pretty powerful server to get the most out of this map.






Unlike other custom maps which try to take advantage of nostalgic feelings to get people hooked, Hotspring Island map is an amazing and expansive world that’s fun to explore, even if you’ve never heard of the source material before. You have fairgrounds, a sizeable city, a castle that nearly touches the edge of the sky in some places and more. It takes several hours to walk through the entire island and see everything there is to see, so this map is perfect for a lazy afternoon or a fun weekend.







The map is currently complete, with no updates planned for it. That means what you see is what you get, which could be a bad thing since Hotspring Island map was just recently released and isn’t technically a week old yet. It comes highly rated on websites like Planet Minecraft however, so people must be trying it out now that it’s available. If you thrill at exploring new places and discovering things before other people, then the fact this map is new should be reason enough to get you interested enough to try it.

Hotspring Island Map for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

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