JourneyMap Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2


JourneyMap is one of the oldest mods available for Minecraft 1.12 and, even today, it’s one of the most functional and useful mods out there. It’s a mod that’s supposed to be applied on both client and server sides, and it can make your Minecraft experience considerably more enjoyable by implementing a very useful feature into the game. It’s worth mentioning that JourneyMap doesn’t really make any changes to the gameplay mechanics of Minecraft but, what it does bring to the table, is a whole lot of information that can aid you tremendously whenever you’re playing Minecraft.

The JourneyMap mod features a full-fledged map that’ll keep mapping your Minecraft world in real time as you explore through it. JourneyMap will capture each and every important detail about every place you go in Minecraft, and it’ll store it in a map that you can view whenever you want to. The map that this mod implements can either be viewed in-game in full screen or, if you prefer, you can view it in the comfort of your own browser. It’s important to bear in mind that the JourneyMap mod requires a bit of configuration before it can become fully functional but, once the initial configuration has been done, the rest will take care of itself on your own.

JourneyMap comes in two different editions, and you can pick the one that suits your situation the most. The first mode is the FairPlay mode that disables cave-mapping and radar during multiplayer and the second mode is Unlimited which, as the name suggests, enables all the features of the mod and doesn’t hold back on anything. All said and done, JourneyMap is an insanely useful Minecraft mod that’ll put a ton of information at your disposal by mapping every single aspect of the game world in real time.

Mod Showcase:

JourneyMap Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 and 1.11.2 Changelogs

  • Bugfix: Save Map button was missing in Fullscreen Map
  • Bugfix: Save Map button was broken in Web Map
  • Bugfix: Player heads were missing skin overlays (hats, etc.)
  • Bugfix: Grid opacity was broken.
  • Bugfix: Waypoints created through API produced an exception if a color wasn’t set.
  • Bugfix: Options Manager missing reset buttons and Minimap Preset 2 preview button
  • Bugfix: Waypoints added via the JourneyMap API would produce NPE if no group was set
  • Bugfix: Temporary (non-persistent) Waypoints added via the JourneyMap API would produce log spam when removed
  • Bugfix: Minimap option “Frame Opacity” was ignored
  • Bugfix: Grid opacity setting was ignored
  • Bugfix: Auto-Map wasn’t using correct Biome to color grass and foliage.
  • Bugfix: Duplicate Reset buttons in Options Manager.
  • Bugfix: Fix for illegal characters in world names.
  • Bugfix: Fullscreen Map chat didn’t support tab completion.
  • Bugfix: Removed duplicate keybinding (left bracket, right bracket)


How to install JourneyMap Mod?

  1. First, install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download JourneyMap and put the file into your “mods” folder.
  3. Run your game or server!

Note: Check out for information and configuration details.

Download JourneyMap Mod

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  1. When I try to use this mod, it says I need forge version or later, but I already have forge. Help?


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