Loot Slash Conquer Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2

Loot Slash Conquer is an absolutely epic action RPG-esque mod that’s been inspired by the legendary Hack/Mine mod that a significant portion of the Minecraft playerbase is probably already familiar with. Loot Slash Conquer just surfaced less than two weeks ago, but it’s already become quite popular among the community because it’s filled to the brim with features and can certainly elevate your Minecraft experience to a whole new level. This is a mod that you absolutely need to be trying out, but we do want to highlight that it’s currently in alpha stages so it might have a few hiccups from time to time but, fortunately, there aren’t any bugs major enough to actually hinder your experience.

  • Baubles Items

  • Corrupted Tower

  • Custom Monsters

  • Monster Tier and Leveling

  • New Weapon Types

The Loot Slash Conquer mod implements a brand new combat system as well as expertly crafted classes for players to choose from. Each character class has access to an array of different abilities, and you can level up the abilities according to your play-style and preferences. Much like any other RPG worth its salt, this mod also implements stats for your character like damage, health, movement speed, health regeneration, critical strike chance, mana regeneration and much more.

  • Player Information GUI

  • Scrolls

  • Special Weapons

  • Tower Dungeon Room

  • Tower Dungeon Room

  • Tower Dungeon Treasure Room

  • Tower Dungeon

On top of the top tier combat and class system, Loot Slash Conquer also offers an insane amount of items that players can choose from as well as multitudes of custom monsters that you’ll get to slay as you progress through the game with this mod applied. The amount of content in the Loot Slash Conquer mod definitely feels overwhelming at the beginning but we highly recommend players to sink as much time as they can into the features implemented by this mod because they’re quite impressive and can definitely provide hours upon hours of enjoyable moments. All things considered, if you want to transform Minecraft into a full-fledged action RPG then Loot Slash Conquer is a mod that’ll allow you to do just that.

How to install Loot Slash Conquer Mod?

  1. First, install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Download Loot Slash Conquer and put the file into your “mods” folder.
  3. Run your game or server!

Download Loot Slash Conquer Mod


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