Mine Wars Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1

For fans of the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas, Mine Wars is a resource pack worth checking out. Not only does it borrow many items directly from the six different Star Wars movies and drop them into the world of Minecraft, but it’s also surprisingly small – just 16x resolution. This means practically anyone can use it, since the standard resolution for Minecraft is 16x. There are many changes despite the small size of Mine Wars, and the most noticeable difference is surely the moon. Normally an ugly thing to look at, Mine Wars resource pack replaces the standard moon with a looming Death Star.

Perhaps Mine Wars resource pack is limited by its small resolution, because many textures don’t look different at all. The dirt, grassy dirt, trees and other types of blocks look very similar to their standard appearance, or completely the same and unchanged in the least. Other textures like chests, workbenches, windows and giant mushrooms look nothing at all like they normally do. The Nether stands out especially, as all the nether brick takes on a black, steely look, again nodding to the Death Star. This is not a resource pack for people who are seeking colorful and pretty textures.












If you’re one of those people who think Minecraft is too bright and cartoony as it is, even if you don’t really like Star Wars, you might still want to check out this resource pack. It’s gritty and realistic, even if some of the textures are right out of one of the greatest science fiction stories told in our time. Oh, and of course, standard swords have been replaced with the iconic lightsaber weapon, with different grades of blades giving different colored lightsabers. No music or custom sounds in this pack, but adding them is easy enough.

Mine Wars Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1 Changelogs

  • New coal block, redstone block, stone brick.
  • Fixed all missing/broken textures.
  • Better rails.
  • Made nether quartz match the nether.

Download Links for Mine Wars Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.1



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