Mouse Tweaks Mod for Minecraft 1.18.1/1.17.1/1.16.5

Crafting is a big part of Minecraft, but that doesn’t make it any less boring for players who have already made everything the game has to offer. Who really wants to go through the process of making crafting tables, furnaces and other rudimentary items with all the right-clicking it takes? All that time could be better spent collecting resources, or farming, or slaying baddies. The Mouse Tweaks mod helps to give players back some of the time spent crafting simple objects like these. Instead of calling for a right click for each piece of the item to be crafted, Mouse Tweaks allows for a click and drag approach.


This way, players need only click twice; once with the left button to pick up the blocks they want to craft with and once with the right button to start placing blocks in the crafting window. Let’s say a player has a stack of 64 cobblestone and wants to make 8 furnaces in one go. This would normally take a whopping 65 clicks and lots of time, but those same furnaces can now be crafted in a few short seconds thanks to Mouse Tweaks. The drag and drop option even works when placing blocks in crafting spots which already have blocks on them.

Normally, that would cause blocks of the same type to stack up in the crafting window, or blocks of different types to switch in and out of the player’s inventory, slowing things down and being annoying in general. When working with other players who also have Mouse Tweaks installed, divvying up the different items to be crafted and giving one to each player can actually lead to significant time savings for everyone involved. Few mods make Minecraft faster, but Mouse Tweaks is one which can help players save a lot of time in crafting simple objects.

How to install Mouse Tweaks Mod?

  1. Install either Minecraft Forge or LiteLoader (or both).
  2. Drop the Mouse Tweaks jar file into the mods folder in your .minecraft directory.

Download Mouse Tweaks Mod


  1. Well to be fair they added it because this guy made the mod but if he keeps updating it that is stupid but I dont think he is. I think the older version still works for all versions after it so they just change the title to “1.9 Ready”


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