Nuclear Testing Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

You would have to be pretty crazy to go around platforming in a site which was used for testing nuclear weapons, now wouldn’t you? Well that’s exactly what you do on the Nuclear Testing map, brought to the Minecraft community by TheBlueCreep. This themed parkour map features lots of difficult jumps, some interesting redstone machinery which gets in your way and, best of all, no enemies. That way, if you die, you know it’s absolutely all your fault. Like other parkour maps Nuclear Testing is supposed to be played on Peaceful mode, but if you’re looking for an added challenge you could leave monsters on.




While the Nuclear Testing map is very frustrating, it’s also very short. If you can manage to beat just a few difficult levels you’ll soon find yourself at the end of the map. It should take an hour or two to play through for seasoned parkour veterans, but players who are new to platforming in Minecraft may find themselves struggling just to make it to the middle point of the map. This is definitely not a parkour map for amateurs, but then if you ever wanted to learn how to parkour, you would get the best instruction from a map which is inherently difficult, like this one.

Download Links for Nuclear Testing Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: TheBlueCreep – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum


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