Over the Rainbow Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Over the Rainbow is a simple map which is reminiscent of the various Sky Block maps you can find online. In this map, you start your adventure on top of a cloud floating around in the sky. That’s about all there is too, except of course for the massive rainbow you find made from multicolored wool blocks. You can break down that rainbow and use those blocks to make other, smaller rainbows which will allow you to reach other clouds. This is how you move around up in the sky, discover new places and find hidden treasure. It’s actually kind of cool if you like limited resources.


There really isn’t any point to the map – there is no set end where you’ve finally beaten the map and you can call yourself a winner. The author has included a short list of challenges which should keep things interesting during gameplay though. These include doing things like crafting a pair of gold boots, collecting five diamonds and enchanting a tool, weapon or piece of armor. The surprising thing is that even floating around in the sky, it is possible for you to complete all of the challenges on the list. If you like Skyblock but want something fresh, give the Over the Rainbow map a try.

First Tier

  • Craft a bed
  • Craft a furnace
  • Make a farm including wheat, potatos, and carrots
  • Explore 3 clouds other than your main one
  • Make a home
  • Smelt 3 of any ore
  • Craft a bucket

Second Tier

  • Make a cobblestone generator
  • Craft a piston
  • Obtain 1 of each kind of fish
  • Have 2 of each cows, chickens, pigs, and sheep in a pen
  • Make a mob farm
  • Craft a pair of gold boots
  • Craft a iron sword and pickaxe
  • Collect 5 diamonds
  • Visit the nether

Third Tier

  • Make a netherwart farm
  • Make 16 pumpkin pie
  • Enchant any tool
  • Tame an ocelot
  • Make a brewing stand
  • Put water into a cauldron

Fourth Tier

  • Brew any potion
  • Cure a zombie villager
  • Craft a jukebox
  • Obtain 5 mycelium using a Silk Touch pickaxe
  • Tame 3 wolves and give them a name using a nametag
  • Obtain 32 Glowstone blocks
  • Tame a Horse and give it a name using a nametag
  • Kill a creeper using a bow and arrow
  • Craft 5 golden apples

Fifth Tier

  • Play music in the Nether
  • Craft 3 mushroom soup
  • Make an iron farm
  • Make 20 snow golems
  • Visit the Sunflower Plains cloud
  • Trade with a villager
  • Visit The End
  • Make an Iron Golem in The End
  • Place the Dragon Egg on top of an emerald block
  • Craft a pair of Pink Leather Leggings

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: ohsnapitzbrandon


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