Wednesday, August 15, 2018
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sky photo realism

Sky Photo Realism Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.9

The term ‘Photo Realism’ is definitely the appropriate term to define a resource pack like Sky Photo Realism. The mod has been designed to change the seemingly cartoonish vanilla look of Minecraft and transform...
the journey for the enchanted crest

The Journey for the Enchanted Crest Map for Minecraft 1.9.4

If regular adventure maps aren’t cutting it for you and you’re instead looking for a map that’ll provide you with a full-fledged experience that’s similar to that of a large-scale RPG then The Journey...
Realitys Reverie

Reality’s Reverie Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.10/1.9.4

Reality’s Reverie is definitely one of the most peculiar resource packs out there since it doesn’t necessarily have a distinct identity of its own. In some aspects, the pack tries to give off a...
classic parkour

Classic Parkour Map for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.9

Classic Parkour is a map that’s been designed by players who want to enjoy a relatively simple and laidback experience that doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of modern day parkour maps....

BeeshPack Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.9

BeeshPack is a pretty solid texture pack that prides itself on being a pack that’s pretty much perfect for a PvP environment. It might be a pretty bold claim, but the pack actually manages...
cave escape

Cave Escape Map for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.9

Cave Escape is an intriguing parkour map in which, as the name suggests, you have to escape from a cave before it’s too late. The story behind the map is that you were basically...
freedom sky survival

Freedom Sky Survival Map for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.9

Freedom Sky Survival is a captivating and intriguing map that will take you high up to the skies on one of the most unforgettable survival adventures that Minecraft maps have to offer. In this...
blood arsenal

Blood Arsenal Mod for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.7.10

Blood Arsenal is a pretty useful mod that, as you could tell by the name, is focused purely around blood magic. Before going into any further details about the mod, it is worth mentioning...

PumpkinPack Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.9.4/1.9

PumpkinPack resource pack is a one of a kind texture pack that’s been designed specifically for players who use Minecraft on a low-end PC. One problem with most high-end texture packs is that while...