Saturday, February 16, 2019
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lucky block and hang glider

Lucky Block and Hang Glider Map for Minecraft 1.6.4

There are few mods in Minecraft more random and entertaining than the Lucky Block mod. It’s such a fun little block that someone decided to make the Lucky Block and Hang Glider Map, where...
custom sword

Custom Sword Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

With 45 unique blades, 45 unique hilts and dozens of special handles, gems, materials and edges, the Custom Sword mod could be the most extensive mod for crafting custom blades today. If you count...
fantastic foods mod minecraft

Fantastic Foods Mod for Minecraft 1.8

Food mods in Minecraft are always appreciated thanks to the variety they add to the game; new ways to eat means new ways to not starve in the middle of nowhere, and it’s hard...
dantes roguelike

Dante’s Roguelike Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.7.10

Many mods are standalone pieces of coding and scripting, but sometimes they have resource packs which were designed specifically to be used alongside them. In this case, Dante’s Roguelike resource pack was made to...

Dem Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Dem Textures is a fairly new resource pack, but that doesn’t stop it from looking great and being an excellent fit for both modern and medieval themed worlds. There are few packs which can...
would you rather

Would You Rather Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Normally, “Would you rather…” is a phrase nobody wants to hear – it comes with two bad choices and no good solution. This is true in real life as well as in Minecraft, where...
lvl  map minecraft

Lvl 2 Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Before explaining too much about the Lvl 2 map, a note from the author ought to be shared. This is the second entry in a series of maps, and there is a story built...
elveland light

Elveland Light Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

If you’ve ever used Elveland for Minecraft before, then you already know what to expect from the Elveland Light resource pack. It has a lot of the same textures, but it isn’t quite as...
ticking chill

Ticking Chill Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

If you’ve ever wished for a Minecraft world where you could freeze to death, then you’ll want to check out the Ticking Chill map. While it is essentially a CTM and survival map, the...