Pokeballs and Poketraps Map for Minecraft 1.8.9


There are numerous Pokemon-themed maps and other Minecraft content out there. What makes the Pokeballs and Poketraps map unique though is the fact it manages to do everything it does while utilizing only a single command block. That’s right – just one command block. Most maps like this use dozens or even hundreds, but this author was able to create a realistic and enjoyable Pokemon experience without all those extra blocks. Unfortunately the map doesn’t actually add any Pokemon, so you’re going to be disappointed if you’re looking for familiar faces here.



What the map does do is allow you to trap all monsters that walk through an area by using Poketraps. These are built with iron and redstone blocks and will pull in all mobs, friendly and hostile, which stray too close to the trap. You can then use your Pokeballs to scoop them up for later use. Pokeballs are made using redstone dust, an iron ingot and a button, which is a relatively simple recipe to learn and use over and over. You’ll need to write down the special command for activating the command block somewhere and then you can simply copy and paste it into Minecraft to turn on the commands.

Download Links for Pokeballs and Poketraps Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: TheRedEngineer – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft



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