Retro Pompeii Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Pompeii was a city that once existed in Italy. It was completely wiped out when a volcano nearby erupted, burying the entire city and its entire people in a sea of ash which preserved them, making mummies of the people and sarcophagi out of their homes, markets and temples. It’s kind of a grim thing to think about, but it’s also the source material behind the Retro Pompeii resource pack, in name alone. You’re not going to find any buried cities near volcanoes in this pack, and it’s not as if any of the textures look remotely Roman either.





What you’ll notice is a wide variety of colors. This pack really pushes the palette for Minecraft, just splashing colors everywhere it can manage. Even blocks which would normally be one, flat color in vanilla Minecraft get an added depth with different shades on the same block thanks to the Retro Pompeii resource pack. It looks good overall, but perhaps the most notable thing about this resource pack is its resolution. At 8x, this pack is so simplistic that it will actually take fewer resources to use than Minecraft in its vanilla state. This makes the Pompeii pack perfect for users with low-end PCs.





Most of the 8x packs you can find look like garbage, but the Retro Pompeii resource pack is surprisingly easy on the eyes. Yes, some of the textures do appear to be blurry, and if you get right on top of a block and scrutinize it closely, you’ll see the flaws popping out all over the place. If you think of this pack as a bunch of macro changes rather than micro ones, it’s pretty good overall.

Retro Pompeii Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Added Paper
  • Added Raw and Cooked Porkchop
  • Added Potato
  • Added Baked Potato
  • Added Poisonous Potato
  • Added All potion bottle elements
  • Added Prismarine Shard and Crystal
  • Added Pumpkin Pie
  • Added Quartz

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Credit: Zitzabis


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