ModLoader Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2


Like Minecraft Forge, Risugami’s ModLoader mod is more of a tool for ensuring the safe use of compatible mods, more than a mod in and of itself. That’s because ModLoader doesn’t really do much to change the gameplay experience in Minecraft; instead it does plenty to make sure other mods work, as well as tell the player when two or more installed and enabled mods are likely to conflict with each other. For anyone running a modded server or playing alone with many modifications to the game, this is an invaluable tool.


ModLoader mod helps to sort out mods that change the game’s rendering specs, as well as those mods which add new recipes, mobs, interfaces, fuels, things which can be cooked and things which exist after smelting. Besides being a powerful tool for keeping Minecraft running smoothly, ModLoader mod can also be decompiled in a way, so mod makers will be able to make mods which are more likely to work with the program.


Because ModLoader mod relies so heavily on Java to function properly, it is imperative that you have whatever version of Java is recommended for running with your version of ModLoader. This may not necessarily be the most recent version, since Risugami’s ModLoader has not yet been updated to work correctly with Minecraft 1.8. Forge and other mod loaders are in the same boat, since that Minecraft update just happened in early September.


For those who enjoy modding Minecraft or making their own mods, ModLoader mod is a must have. It should not be used if a player already has Minecraft Forge installed, however.

Download ModLoader Mod for Minecraft

For Minecraft 1.6.2 and 1.6.4 (are work on both)

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Credit: Risugami – Original Thread on MinecraftForum


  1. If the mod is not yet updated there is no point of announcing it as available for later versions of Minecraft
    please dont waste our time

  2. The Minecraft modding community really is the worst community out there. Every time a new patch comes out, every website is update to reflect appropriate mods, but they’re never released.

    It’s the cesspool of dev communities.


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