Sharpness V Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Sharpness V is one of the best enchantments you can get for swords in Minecraft. Unless you’re trying to make weapons specifically for fighting undead or spiders, in which case you would want bane of arthropods or the undead enchantment instead. There is also a Sharpness V resource pack which shares the same name with this highly desirable enchantment. It should go without saying, but this is a resource pack with a strong PVP theme which is ideal for players who enjoy the combat experience in Minecraft. Anyone could use it of course, but that is the target audience for this pack.






The 32x resolution of the Sharpness V resource pack makes the pack true to its namesake in that many of the textures found throughout Minecraft will look significantly sharper thanks to increased pixel counts. Also, unlike a lot of other PVP-themed resource packs that seem to recycle many of the same blocks and textures, everything in Sharpness V is original content all handmade by the author. It would be a very refreshing experience for anyone used to those other packs to see this one. Though it is still incomplete, there is a lot of ambition in this pack, and about half of the games textures are done.






Sharpness V does more than just dress up the weapons and armor for the user. Many blocks throughout Minecraft get a new appearance thanks to this resource pack, and some of these textures look especially good thanks to their hand drawn nature. If you’re looking for a strange new world in Minecraft, Sharpness V could be the resource pack that helps you to get there.

Sharpness V Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Added nether quartz.
  • Added nether quartz pillar.
  • Added chiseled nether quartz.
  • Added quartz item.
  • Added netherrack.
  • Added quartz ore.
  • Added brewing stand.
  • Added soul sand.
  • Added nether brick.
  • Tweaked stone slab top.
  • Tweaked mossy stone brick.
  • Added bookcase.
  • Added oxeye daisy.
  • Added rose.
  • Added dandelion.

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Credit: rabiesguineapig



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