Simplicity Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


Puzzle maps are really some of the best ones available for Minecraft. They often work great even without heavy modding to add a number of blocks / items / enemies to the game – they just use redstone circuitry which was already available in the majority of cases. The Simplicity map is a fine puzzle map for players who are veterans of such maps, but it’s also simple enough to understand that newer players will enjoy it too. Don’t confuse easy to understand with easy in general though; this map will have you frustrated after just a few minutes, sure enough.








You’ll probably be amazed when you see how Simplicity builds itself around you as you progress through the map. No, it’s not chunks that wait to load until you’re close; the map is actually erected around the player as they pass through various stages of puzzling gameplay. There are caves, forests and monuments to explore, as well as a wicked final fight against a boss you’ve never seen before. Everything about the map is powered by redstone and you kind of need to see what’s going on under the map to appreciate how much work went into it. Overall, there’s nothing simple about Simplicity.

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for Minecraft 1.8.X – Texture Pack + Map

Credit: BonyRaptor101 – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum


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