Soulbound Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7


With a standard resolution of 16x, you might not think the Soulbound resource pack capable of producing quality visuals. Since Minecraft uses that same resolution without any packs or mods applied, some people would probably agree with you on that point too. However, it’s clear from just a couple quick looks that this pack brings something to the table which other low res resource packs just don’t. For starters, the custom font really sets it apart from most similar resource packs, and the updated GUI is nice, but not so rare as the former item.







The Soulbound resource pack features no set palette, so naturally some of the textures just look strange or off, as if they’re from another world altogether. Also, some of the textures are actually the exact same as from vanilla Minecraft, like many of the newer types of flowers and some other blocks from 1.8, specifically. For every block or texture like that though, you’ll find at least one revamped texture or block to keep things interesting. It could be that this pack isn’t finished yet, and the author does hint that it is only half finished over at Planet Minecraft.

The Soulbound resource pack really benefits from any CTM mod being installed alongside it. That means connectected textures mod, like better glass or Optifine. This pack will look best when used alongside mods like these, but it does still work as a standalone addition to your Minecraft game. Even without those additions, you’ll notice some sickly looking purples, throbbing reds and other intense colors which help to make Minecraft look like a completely different game, even if some of the textures still haven’t been edited yet.

Soulbound Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Fixes and Stuff.
  • Removed some custom lang, was kinda useless.
  • Fixes to bricks and more.
  • Doors are now finished and redone!

Download Links for Soulbound Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: IrishChaos – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft


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