Templars of Hyrule Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Taking some inspiration from the Triforce and the presence of three strong personalities in most Legend of Zelda games, the Templars of Hyrule map is a 3-person cooperative affair that literally requires 3 people to make it from the beginning to the end of the map. Based loosely on Ocarina of Time, this map features a totally new adventure that even veteran Legend of Zelda players will enjoy, for the new challenge with a familiar face if nothing else. There’re action and fighting, running and jumping through short parkour courses, puzzles to solve and even boss battles to cut your way through.



Of course, you won’t be alone. You and your friends will all need to rely on each other to successfully complete Templars of Hyrule, and even with three people working together, it still won’t be easy. Many popular locations from Ocarina of Time are recreated in this map with new features and puzzles, including the Great Deku Tree, the Temple of Time, the Kokiri Village and even the Goron City in Death Mountain. If you’re looking for a fun and frantic trip down memory lane that provides a nice combination of nostalgia with the opportunity to make some new memories, check out this map.

How to install Templars of Hyrule Map?

  1. Unzip map folder.
  2. Insert unzipped map folder into your “.minecraft/saves/” folder or into your server folder and run it.
  3. Play map using Minecraft 1.8 or a newer version.

Download Links for Templars of Hyrule Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Duskreaper


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