The Tunnel Map for Minecraft 1.8.8


The Tunnel is a nice change of pace from the usual CTM adventure maps that people put out for Minecraft. In this map, you’ll need to progress through a tunnel full of lava traps, long falls, monsters and other hazards while trying to collect a total of 8 numbers. The sequence of these is noted when you find them. Later on, you need to use all 8 of these numbers in the correct order to open a gate at the end of the map and beat it. The Tunnel features fast-paced action and offers a couple hours of solid fun, but it’s pretty light on any story elements.





The Tunnel map works with two teams that work together to progress through various puzzles and other obstacles. The two teams collect numbers as they go and once they make it to the end of the map, everyone is together for finally opening the last door. Naturally, busting out the walls or creating paths of your own would kind of be cheating and defeat the purpose of playing through the map, as it was designed to play a very specific way. If you don’t really care about that though, you could just break a few walls and get to the end of the map in no time.

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: deivismac


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