Urban Warfare Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

The Urban Warfare map features fast-paced multiplayer action where players try to kill each other by either exploding one another or destroying so much of the environment that people simply fall off of the world. This is all done using grenades, which are modded little things which essentially function like blocks of TNT which are thrown by the player. They have a similar timer and blast radius, they both blow up the same types of blocks and they both deal about the same amount of damage, which means a direct hit with a grenade will be more than enough to kill unarmored player characters.



Though the map would be just fine with explosions everywhere, there are also special power-ups which randomly appear and give those grenades special effects. They can turn into napalm grenades to do steady fire damage over an area, or poison grenades which slowly drain players to near-death, making them much easier to kill with even a glancing blow. Other special grenades are around too, but talking about all of them would spoil some of the fun on this map. As a final note, Urban Warfare was developed using Minecraft 1.8.5, so you’ll need to use that or a more recent version when you play.

How to play on Urban Warfare Map?

  1. Install the game and get some friends.
  2. Join the game with your friends.
  3. Select the level to play and how many lives you and your friends will play with by right clicking the signs.
  4. Start the game.
  5. Find the chests containing grenades, located throughout the map.
  6. Throw said grenades at said friends and laugh at their demise.

Download Links for Urban Warfare Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: mctkp


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