Web Displays Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10

Here’s a mod which might seem kind of redundant to some players. The Web Displays mod allows players to literally surf the Internet while playing their favorite game, through the use of a brand new Web Screen Block, among other new entities. To surf the web, you will need a total of 144 of this new block, arranged in a 16x9x1 shape. This takes up a good bit of space in the world and you will need a large patch of perfectly flat land to get things started, but once you do, the sky is the limit, just like when you’re surfing the net outside of Minecraft.







That’s just the start though. The Web Displays mod requires you to make a Minepad (play on iPad) to actually interact with the screen, plus some other specialty items to make browsing easier once you’re actually set to start searching the Internet. It’s a nice enough mod, and it implements some pretty interesting elements like connectivity to the world outside of Minecraft, but there’s no doubt that watching videos on Youtube is a lot easier when you just open Firefox or your usual browser, rather than doing it through Minecraft. Very interesting, but complicated and messy, this mod is still fun to try.

Web Displays Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 Changelogs

  • Now searches for a 32 bits Java in EVERY hard drives.
  • Added option to manually browse for a 32 bits JRE (ADVANCED USERS).
  • Updated WebDisplays to 0.8.

Download Links for Web Displays Mod

for Minecraft 1.7.10

Credit: montoyo – Original Thread on MinecraftForum


  1. I hope that you guys all read the original thread for this mod. It specifically states that the mod will not work with NON-WINDOWS USERS. That includes OS X. There is one way to run it on a mac, that is to run BootCamp and then proceed to install a windows partition.

  2. ive got a problem with this mod:every time i right-click on the screen i crash pls repair this or tell me if i do something wrong

  3. how do you fix the problem when you right click the screen to turn it on but the screen goes black instead of white _ _ PLEASE RESPOND WITH ANSWER HELP

  4. i have a problem with my minecraft I put the mod in and it works but when I put a website in it doesn’t load the page on the minepad and screen however it works on the trollcraft mudpack what am I doing wrong


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