CES Map for Minecraft 1.10.2

CES is a highly addicting sci-fi themed Minecraft map that we strongly urge trying out if you’re a fan of playing adventure maps and enjoy a science fiction themed setting. Before going into any detail regarding this map, we want to point out that its significantly more complex than traditional adventure maps in a variety of different ways and, due to this, it’ll be a while before you get used to its basics. However, even though the first few minutes might feel a tad bit difficult, it’s recommended that you stick with the map throughout this entire time until you’ve gotten used to everything.

In CES, you play the role of an ambitious young person who’s been enrolled to work as a mechanic on the Fluidflex CES Facility which is basically a facility that orbits the Earth and is responsible for a variety of important things. The problem with the facility didn’t seem to be that big of an issue but, upon further investigation, you realize that various cryptic things are going on within this facility and it holds many dark secrets. Now, you’re stuck inside this place and it’s up to you to get out as soon as possible before something ends up happening to you.

CES features the same trademark adventure gameplay that this map category has always been known for and, on top of this, the map also comes with a variety of extremely challenging parkour sequences for players to go through. It’s worth mentioning that the parkour sequences can be near impossible to get through if you don’t have a solid understanding of Minecraft’s parkour mechanics but, fortunately, you’ll have an option to skip these sequences if you truly can’t seem to beat them. All things considered, CES is an addicting adventure map that has an intricately crafted plot, engaging gameplay and also an intriguing setting that rounds things off nicely.

How to install CES Map?

  1. Press the Windows or Start button, then press R. This will open the Run prompt.
  2. Type %appdata% into the prompt and run the command.
  3. A folder filled with other folders will now open. Just find the Minecraft folder among these and open it.
  4. In .minecraft you will find another folder, saves. Unzip and move your world file into this folder and you’re all done.

Download Link for CES Map

for Minecraft 1.10.X

Credit: zQuil



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