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Minecraft Forge API 1.20.1 → 1.19.4

Minecraft Forge is a essential mod loading tool for Minecraft, enabling players to customize and enhance their gameplay.


People have been making mods for Minecraft, essentially since the game was first released. Back in the day, because there was only one game mode, people were modifying creative mode to make it easier to navigate and play – mods like Too Many Items were some of the first to be seen by the Minecraft community. As time progressed and Survival and Hardcore game modes were introduced, the modding community had many more opportunities to modify Minecraft and change up the standard game experience. Today, Minecraft Forge API is a necessary tool for anyone modding their Minecraft game.

Basically, Minecraft Forge API is a mod loading and execution tool. Forge was developed not only so other mods would work properly, but so players could turn on and off the mods they want (or don’t want) to play with, with the click of a mouse in an easy-to-read window, rather than making them dig through their Minecraft data and mods folders to switch things on and off manually.

Minecraft Forge is more than just a mod-loading tool, however. It also helps players who are designing their own mods by ensuring compatibility with Minecraft Forge API. This makes player-made mods more efficient than if they were being made without concern for compatibility, and thanks to an updated GUI, Forge will let players know if an improperly installed mod will cause the game to crash, before the player starts their game and experiences said crash.

Minecraft Forge API is a great modloading tool that also helps players in making mods the whole Minecraft community can enjoy. It is incompatible with Modloader though, so don’t even try to play with both programs installed.

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How to Install Minecraft Forge API

  1. Just download the installer.
  2. Open the installer (you must have Java installed on your PC).
  3. Select “Install client” and click on the “OK” button.

Download Minecraft Forge API

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📣 About Project

Developer Forge Team
Category📜Library & API
  • Java
Published📅 Jun 25, 2023
Downloads⬇️ 21.3M

🔄 Update Logs

  • 47.0.19 Another tweak to the early display. We start a timer process while we create the window, in case it hangs. Also add a skip version config, to try and help in cases where the driver is stupid. (#9595)
  • 47.0.18 Auto generate names for modded loot pools. Fixes #9589 (#9591)
  • 47.0.17 More tweaks to the mod loading callbacks to make loading bars work better (#9585)
  • 47.0.16 Reimplement LootPool name patches and hooks (#9573)
  • 47.0.15 Fix experimental lighting pipeline breaking vanilla’s emissive rendering. Closes #9552 (#9582)
  • 47.0.14 Update early loading default configs to match standard expectations. (#9577)
    • Also allow a global override env variable for darkmode always. “FML_EARLY_WINDOW_DARK”
  • 47.0.13 Add proper duplicate mod error message that includes the mod id(s) and mod files. (#9474)
  • 47.0.12 Add missing stack tooltip rendering hooks (#9533)
    • Fix automatic tooltip wrapping discarding empty lines used as spacers
  • 47.0.11 Add piston push reaction overrides to Block class (#9538)
  • 47.0.10 Fix missing calls to level-sensitive block SoundType getter (#9553)
  • 47.0.9 Fix forge registries that have wrappers/support tags not being in the HolderLookup Provider that is provided to the GatherDataEvent (#9566)
  • 47.0.8 Make IItemDecorator a functional interface again. Fixes #9563 (#9574)
  • 47.0.7 Make 1.20.x the main TC branch.
  • 47.0.6 Fix custom geometry in parent models not being resolved (#9572)
  • 47.0.5 Make the scheduled thread factory setDaemon on its threads. Should allow things to close properly if something deadly happens early on. (#9575)
  • 47.0.4 This is an early display window system for forge. (#9558)
  • 47.0.3 Fix the JIJ break by bumping SJH. Apologies.
  • 47.0.2 Update libs (#9565)
  • 47.0.1 Update Armor Layer Implementation to Match Vanilla (#9547)
  • 47.0.0 1.20.1 Update

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Comments (198)

How do you install this mod? Is there a .js file, or there is only a .zip file? I tried to install it with BlocLanucher as a texture and it seemed to accept the .zip file, but then what’s next? Is there any other step that should be performed or that’s all?

when I installed it it opened crome and said open so I pressed open and it kept doing it over and over. the directions you guys put say install client but that don’t show up for me

everytime I try to open the forge installer it opens up Windows Media Center? I’m trying to get forge on my dad’s computer so me and my sister can both play on a mod I have on my computer and I’m really confused. My mom said his computer is set up differently so does anyone know a way to fix it??

I installed forge for 1.12 but whenever I try to launch it crashes.
I downloaded and installed it twice now and it still doesn’t work.
Am I doing something wrong?

It won’t work for 1.12 with some mods. ex: iron chest mod. It says I need a later version but there is no later version. How do I fix this?


The installer won’t work. When i start the instal, it loads for a bit then it says org.scala-lang:scala-compiler:2.11.1 and org.scala-lang:scala-library:2.11.1, please if anyone has a solution please reply.

Hi everyone. I have big problem. I am lookink start code to minecraft on mods to version 1.10.2 to visual studio. It can anyone is possession of such of that ??

I cam’t craft a few things while using the forge for 1.11 for example I can’t craft a bed or sticks. I tried again in the normal non forge minecraft and it works but in the forge minecraft it doesn’t work. What can I do? PS: it’s not a mod problem, I already removed all mods while using forge minecraft and still no sticks except regular minecraft

1.11, tried running the game in the 1.11 forge environment through Magic Launcher, all I got was a log window. Try selecting “close” and I get an error window. Closing the window itself just leaves me with the game not launching.

Uuuuugghhh I’ve been trying to get a mincraft handers simulator and now what am I supposed to freaking do someone please help me ????????

“working” for 1.10 BUT when picking up items things are getting duplicated. while some may thing this is good, for someone who just wants to play a nice survival game, this is kind broken. just so you know.

ok so i got minecraft 1.9.4 and then dowload java
windows x64 55 mb jre-8u91-windows-x64.exe , it wont let me open the api installer. i see it try to pop up but then it goes away. does anyone have any ideas for me?

Does it work on XP? Do I have to be logged in as admin? I clicked on the jar, and it just opens a folder with the contents of the jar. No installation is happening.

There is a bug (I think) on my computer when i launch the latest version it crashes then doesn’t show a crash report, on older versions like 1.8.X and lower it worked fine

isn’t mathematically speaking, 1.7.10 just the same a 1.7.1 only with less sig figs?

There is no such thing as 1.7.1 in mathematical notation. The numbers are version numbers, not mathematical figures. Therefore, 10 is a very different number than 1. It’s literally Minecraft Version 1, Sub-version 7, Revision 10. That’s what those numbers mean. So is 10 a different number than 1? I sure think so.

My son has downloaded Ars Magica 2 as per the instructions, but when he opens Minecraft the mod does not appear. He is playing minecraft 1.7.10. It appears like everything has loaded. Mincecraft zip file is in his mod folder. But the mod is not appearing. Any advice or help is much appreciated.

PLEASE HELP! I have done this a million times already, expecting different results… x [
And every time (even tho ive followed all instructions when I open minecraft there IS NO MOD BUTTON!!!!

I know how, first get options.txt then saves then servers.dat and drag it onto youre desktop and move everything else into trash, then go to minecraft and play the version you want once for like 1 second or more then quit, install forge and put the options.txt,servers.dat and save onto the new ones and replace them and done, if it is done correctly there should be a profile called Forge.

I can’t get it running and I ran minecraft 1.8 once!>:(

I run 1.8.1 aka latest version via team viewer launcher

when i attempt to “install client” it tells me i need to run 1.8 at least once manually first???

what on earth does that mean??

How do I uninstall forge from my computer completely?

put all your texture packs and worlds in a seperate folder (like on your desktop) then highlight everything in the %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft then press delete on your keyboard, then run the minecraft launcher (as if you wanted to play vinalla minecraft, then go back to the %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft folder, then put your worlds and texture packs back in the designated folders, sounds complicated but its not

I think the problem is that there is no manual path to minecraft.Jar. There is only the launcher. Anyone know how to manually run minecraft without the launcher?

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