Fire Leaf Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7


You might think the Fire Leaf resource pack was all about making Minecraft more, well, fiery; it’s right in the name after all. But this pack adds a surprising amount of lush, green color to the game rather than the reds, yellows and oranges one might expect from a quick glance at the name. See, Fire Leaf is actually a resource pack based on the Pokemon games, Fire Red and Leaf Green, from back on the Game Boy Advance. Textures from the monster-catching-and-battling games are faithfully recreated here too, which brings another point to mind.






Pixelmon fans would most likely love to design a map based on this resource pack. It already has the look and feel of a familiar Pokemon world, and that’s before any mods are even applied to Minecraft! While just about every single block does look different from the normal Minecraft version, the fact the resolution is still at 16x means blocks don’t look significantly different; you will still know when you’re digging in dirt, chopping down trees or breaking apart bunches of stone when down in a mine. The game looks different, but not too different.






This is good, because as blocky as Minecraft is already, it would be kind of a bummer if it tried to make things look even lower resolution, like they did back on the GBA. Textures come through crisp and clear in the Fire Leaf resource pack and they kind of complement each other as well, with nothing that looks out of place or like it doesn’t belong in a given biome. To be fair, many of the images here were rendered using Chunky shaders so they do look a bit better than they normally would. You can see plain images along with the modded ones though and overall, the Fire Leaf pack is pleasing to the eye.

Fire Leaf Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs


  • Rotated the baked potato for reasons.
  • All the records.
  • Reeds/Sugarcane.
  • All the stone tools.

Download Links for Fire Leaf Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Zitzabis – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft



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