FunLand 3 Map for Minecraft 1.8.7


FunLand 3 Map is a complete amusement park map mod for Minecraft. With the ability to build your own amusement park complete with everything from roller coasters to restaurants, it adds a dimension of fun and a different challenge to take on. This newest version is the biggest update yet, expanding the mod to include over 100 attractions and options for your very own Minecraft fun park!

The attractions feature a lot of options to add into your game. They include:

  • 36 roller coasters
  • 17 water rides
  • 25 other amusements
  • Restaurants, souvenir shops, more.

Although a lot of fun comes from building the park and enjoying it, there are also a lot of things to discover hidden in the map. In order to find these out you need to spend a lot of time exploring and peeking around things.



No special packs or mods are required to use the map, making it a great option for beginner players wanting to spice up their gameplay a bit.


Besides the great building options, the game also has a great storyline. FunLand 3 Map allows you to also uncover some secrets from the park, its owners and the map itself, as well as its beginnings. The story is a mystery and expands a lot from older versions, so even if you have completed it before, you’ll want to explore this new update.


The rules for this map are as follows:

  • Do read the ‘README FIRST’ text file for important information concerning the map
  • Use the handy map of the park that is included in your download, allowing you to easily navigate FunLand

FunLand 3 Map for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Updated to fix some bugs and add some back story.
  • Fixed some broken rides (fudgy’s, arctic wolf, etc.) where carts would get stuck.
  • Added a brand new racing game called “Piggu’s Rooftop Racing”.

Download Links for FunLand 3 Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: superpish


  1. download it then extractt files then click your start button search %appdata% open saves then drag the folder i hope it helps

  2. This map is awesome….
    What is awesome…?
    Something cool?
    Something big?
    What is it?
    Can you tell me?
    -_- Better be quick….!

  3. go into any file, type in %appdata% not in search, it will open lots, click .minecraft, there should be a saves folder, and then drag the downloaded item into saves, and then double click it, then pull everything out.

  4. The map is sick as hell Theres 3 hidden place oh my GOD amazing mine games roller coaster and there’s some story and i found a place where i can found the sword of pew the dead and the underworld so amzing….


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