Cubes VS Zombies Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

If you haven’t heard of Plants vs Zombies by Popcap Games yet then you might be a little lost when you first see this Minecraft map. This map does a good job of blending the tower defense aspects of Cubes VS Zombies with the monsters and items available in Minecraft to create a unique gameplay experience you won’t find anywhere else – except for maybe another Cubes VS Zombies styled map. Just like the classic P v Z game, the objective here is to stop the advancing zombies from making it to your house. If every line of your lawn gets breached, you lose the game.









But you have lots of plants and other tools to stop that from happening, so don’t get too bent out of shape yet. You get the standard sunflowers, repeaters and other well-known plants, but you also get torchwood which shoots fireballs and other plants which are unique to Minecraft, like snapdragons. Also, unlike the lawnmower which could be used in Plants vs Zombies to clear out an entire lane in a moment of desperation, you get beacon blasters which fire a ray of energy once per game. They essentially are the same as the lawnmowers, so P v Z veterans should be comfortable here.

Cubes VS Zombies Map Features

  • Hundreds of command blocks!
  • 9 Different Plants to fight with!
  • Zombies, Armored Zombies, and the horrifying Gargantum Zombie all make appearences!
  • Tons of particle effects and custom designs!
  • Randomized Gameplay!

Download Links for Cubes VS Zombies Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: NeoMcCreations – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft


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