Factions Server Spawn Map for Minecraft 1.16.5

Upon an initial glance, this Factions Server Spawn map would make a decent focal point for any Minecraft Factions server on the Internet. It features two massive towers standing as an entrance and exit point to a kind of lobby area where players could be set to spawn into the world, like the map name suggests. The construction is in a number of colors but a fleshy, tan tone persists throughout the map, which also features a series of interconnected underground caverns running just below the city. The caves even have lighting built into the walls, floors and ceilings in the form of glowstone chunks.

Though the map was designed specifically as a small server spawn, it features enough pre-built spaces to accommodate even larger crowds of players, as in 100 or more. 8 portals, 16 anvils, 2 enchanting rooms and other features give players many different places to gather and provide them all with the features of a fully developed base, even if they are new and essentially homeless. Anyone who has played on Factions before knows how hard it is to build a good base. That’s why this Factions Server Spawn map is worth checking out, whether you want to open a server or just test the map.

Map Trailer

Factions Server Spawn Map Includes

  • Small shop
  • Info boards
  • 8 portals
  • 16 anvils
  • 2 enchanting rooms
  • 2 towers

Factions Server Spawn Map Setup

  1. Download the map; you must get a zip or RAR file with the map.
  2. Unzip the map file in the following location:
    • %appdata%\.minecraft\saves for Windows users
    • ~/.minecraft/saves for Linux users
    • ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves for Mac OS X users
  3. Run the game and have fun!

Download Factions Server Spawn Map



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