Infinite Road III Map for Minecraft 1.8.8

Infinite Road III is more than just a unique map full of puzzles. It also includes all the puzzles from the original Infinite Road as well as the second map in the series, Infinite Road II. That makes 24 different puzzles total, along with some changes to the standard puzzle format. Old puzzles aren’t redone, but some of the new ones are based on trivia and answering questions correctly rather than stepping on the right pressure plates or throwing the right levers. It’s a decent map by all accounts, but it is somewhat limited since it only works with Minecraft 1.8 and older, included maps work with older MC clients.




Because Infinite Road III is also authored by Unity Paradox, the same person who did the first two maps, you can look forward to some similar puzzle-solving action here, even if some of the newer puzzles are taken in a different direction. The puzzles themselves are pretty intuitive too – you’ll be able to figure them out with some effort, or at least understand what it is you’re supposed to do to complete them. Things start off easy enough but the difficulty ramps up during the later levels from each of the three maps which went into making this one.

Download Links for Infinite Road III Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Unity Paradox


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