Kingdom of the Sky Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

If you love to have a good storyline during your gameplay, then you’ll like the Minecraft Kingdom of the Sky Map. A narrarated adventure, the map features a high level of difficulty in challenges, hidden treasures and many secrets to be discovered.

In normal Minecraft there is no story or narraration that goes along with the game. This is what makes it so unqiue, but it can also become tedious for players used to following a certain criteria once the Nether dragon is defeated. With Kingdom of the Sky Map, you get a whole story to go along with your game, brought into it by Youtube videos which are discovered along the way. During the gameplay you will see signs prompting you to listen to the videos – you do not need to turn Minecraft off to do this, you simply alt-tab and click the sign, and listen to the all-audio video while playing.



This map is very difficult and it is intended to be so. In fact, many tips, clues and hidden treasures are discovered when you die in the game. Just be sure to use the beds scattered along the map as checkpoints so you don’t lose your spot.Hidden chets are important to survival during the game, but need to be found while playing.


It is recommended that you use the Kingdom of the Sky Map with the Painterly Resource Pack since it is made to be used with it. The Painterly Resource Pack will add over 5000 different sprites, graphics and textures.

The rules for the map are as follows:

  • No destroying blocks
  • No placing blocks
  • No using any fire, flint and steel or TNT
  • Craft weapons, armor, food, and torches to help you survive
  • You can tame wolves

Kingdom of the Sky Map for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Added more equipment at the start.
  • Added more light in some of the areas with too many mobs.
  • Fixed the bug with the Great Wing bridge not always working.
  • Added Multiplayer Starting area.
  • Changed file type from .rar to .zip
  • Fixed Statues and missing track piece.

Download Links for Kingdom of the Sky Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: BlameTheController


  1. Absolutely terrible. It glitched out hard core. I don’t know what was wrong, but I’m sure it is a good world. I just didn’t get to see it because of my stupid computer


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