Limited Lives Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2/1.11.2

What fun is a game where you can just die as many times as you want and never really lose anything? Sure, you lose some XP in Minecraft, and if you just so happen to die near a pool of lava some of your gear will probably get fried, but that’s the extent of the losses which come with a death. On the other hand, Hardcore mode gives you just one life, after which you lose everything you’ve worked for in the game. Both options are a little too extreme. That’s why the Limited Lives mod should really turn the heads of many people – it’s that middle ground most of the Minecraft community has been hoping for.


The Limited Lives mod is designed to work in plain old Survival mode, and only needs to be installed on the server side of a connection for it to affect all players who connect to that server. The administrator simply sets a number of lives, and as players die and get closer to their last life, their permanent health levels will drop accordingly. After the last death players will either be switched over to spectate (a feature which only works on Minecraft 1.8.x) or banned from the server altogether for an amount of time also set by the administrator.

There are a number of commands and settings found in the config file which the server owner must learn to effectively use this mod, but the only thing players need to know is !ll, or !limitedlives, which will show them both how many lives they have remaining and, if they’re in spectate, how long they must wait before they can respawn again. While the Limited Lives mod doesn’t really cause the permanent kind of death and loss which is part of Hardcore gameplay, getting banned for a half hour after someone kills you means they can pretty much raid your base and take everything anyhow.

Limited Lives Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2 Changelogs

  • Update to 1.12
  • Update to conform to Forge’s new mod ID requirements
  • General code cleanup

How to install Limited Lives Mod?

  1. Download the mod!
  2. When you haven’t installed Forge yet, download and install it.
  3. Move the downloaded .jar into the mods folder.
  4. Have fun!

Download Limited Lives Mod



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