Saturday, August 28, 2021
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Minecraft 1.12.2 Texture Packs

The Binding of Minecraft Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

Inspired by one of the most iconic platform games of recent times, The Binding of Minecraft is a resource pack that, as you can tell by the name, draws heavy inspiration from The Binding...

Rangercraft Autumn Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

Rangercraft Autumn is another one of the relatively large line-up of Rangercraft packs that has surfaced recently. There seems to be a Rangercraft pack for pretty much every single occasion out there and this...
aedana resource pack

Aedana Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

The Aedana resource pack is among the older packs currently available for Minecraft since it’s been out for around four years now but, even today, it’s more than capable of being categorized alongside some...
summer season resource pack

Summer Season Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

The Summer Season resource pack is the third pack in the line-up of seasonal resource packs designed by Light Drifter and, much like the previous two packs in this series, this one is extremely...
rangercraft medieval resource pack

Rangercraft Medieval Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

We’ve talked about quite a few Rangercraft resource packs over the years because there’s suddenly been an influx of these packs and Rangercraft Medieval is among the latest releases in the series. The pack,...
snowies faithful resource pack

Snowie’s Faithful Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

Snowie’s Faithful resource pack is a pack that’s probably among the oldest out there because it’s been out for around five years now but, even though the pack’s been out for so long, it...
realistic realm resource pack

Realistic Realm Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

Realistic Realm is a resource pack that aims to completely overhaul the terrain of Minecraft in order to make it look more lively and realistic. We’ve seen many realistic packs before but a lot...
super mario resource pack

Super Mario Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

The Super Mario resource pack is an incredible resource pack that, as the name implies, has been inspired by the Mario franchise. We’ve seen a lot of resource packs inspired by Super Mario before...
elderwood majesty resource pack

Elderwood Majesty Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12.2

The Elderwood Majesty resource pack is definitely among the most unique and distinct resource packs out there because it’s based on a very intriguing fantasy themed style that you simply cannot find in most...