Pet Buddy Mod for Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2

Pet Buddy is a great little mod that’s definitely going to be perfect for players who want an AI companion to go with them in all of their Minecraft adventures. The mod isn’t anything major and doesn’t add any new functionality to Minecraft, but it’s still worth installing because it’s very well designed and makes things more enjoyable as well. The best part about this particular mod is that it’s extremely easy to use and doesn’t require any kind of setup either so once you have it installed, it’ll start to function entirely on its own without needing any more input from your end.



The Pet Buddy basically implements a tiny little companion into Minecraft who’ll follow you wherever you go. The buddy will automatically appear when you launch Minecraft after installing the mod, and this is pretty convenient. As for what the buddy can do, he’ll carry your stuff around with you if your inventory is full and he’ll even fight if you give him the necessary equipment to do so and his ability to fight can actually be quite useful if you’re about to go against a large amount of mobs. It’s worth mentioning that you can only equip your buddy with a helmet and a sword as it won’t accept anything else. To heal your buddy, all you have to do is give him some food and his health will go right back up. Also, if your buddy ever ends up dying, then he’ll automatically respawn in around 10 minutes.



The Pet Buddy Mod also allows players to customize the look of their buddy according to their preferences. IN order to customize your buddy’s appearance, all you need to do is equip an item in the last slot of his armor inventory and his look will change drastically. For example, equipping him with a bone will cause him to turn into a skeleton whereas equipping him with a cookie will cause him to turn into a bat that can actually fly.

Pet Buddy Mod Update Logs

  • Fixed a crash null pointer when attacking a friends buddy.
  • Updated entity registry to fit the registry update from forge.

How to install Pet Buddy Mod?

  1. Install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Put the mod’s .jar file you downloaded into mods directory.

Download Pet Buddy Mod


  1. When launching Minecraft with this mod and only this mod i end up with error ….

    Pet Buddy is missing mods it depends on.
    Include the following mods or remove Pet Buddy.

    subcommonlib : any

  2. SO SAD RN!!! My buddy AND myself is messed up! I am white so is he…. I don’t have my skin for some reason. PLSSS HELP!!

  3. Whatever,
    Get a grip LuckerHDD ! you don’t seem to need a pet buddy you have your ego to keep you company dude.

  4. Whenever I die when I’m using this mod, I can’t respawn. So I click title screen and go back to the world and I am not on the death screen anymore I am respawned with all of my items back and I go over to where I died and all my items are there. I love the mod, but this glitch makes it completely unusable. Thanks.


  5. the inventory wont open but i might just need to reset minecraft or what ever other than that this is really cool! 😀

  6. im trying to download this mod but when i luanch minecraft it says that pet buddy is missing a mod it depends on, including the following mods or remove pet buddy


    What do i do????

    email me becuase i dont check this website that often.

  7. I can summon my buddy and move around just fine but if I look at it my game crashes and gives the following error message;

    The game crashed whilst unexpected error
    Error: java.lang.ClassCastException: net.minecraft.item.ItemAir cannot be cast to net.minecraft.item.ItemArmor


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