RA PvP Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7

Some resource packs are made to change the appearance of Minecraft – dressing up textures or replacing them completely to totally shift from the vanilla look and into something new and never before seen. Then there are packs like the RA PvP resource pack which are focused on creating a more enjoyable PvP experience for Minecraft players. At a glance, you might wonder how any resource pack could make PvP more fun or fair; that’s the sort of thing people use mods for normally. There are a number of ways this pack helps, but let’s start with the best and most obvious.


You know how when you’re digging through your inventory, looking in a storage container or crafting potions, the way the GUI blocks out everything going on in front of you? The RA PvP resource pack adds a layer of transparency to these GUI screens so you can see through the window even while you’re doing your operations – nobody can ever sneak up on you again! Another nice touch is the glowing effect on the bow, which will let you know when your arrow is fully charged and ready to do the greatest amount of damage possible. These are small tweaks that help a lot, but there’s still more.


Landing a blow in Minecraft is always a satisfying experience, but this resource pack makes it even more enjoyable. Whenever you manage to hit someone with an arrow or a melee attack, rather than the victim simply flashing red and grunting, you’ll get to see a bunch of stars shooting around the target. This makes it much clearer when you hit or miss a target and besides that, which will help you to waste fewer arrows and land hits more reliably.

RA PvP Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • New Flint & Steel Texture
  • Improoved Items

Download Links for RA PvP Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: WorldofTeck – Owner – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft


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