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Lidrith Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8

Lidrith is actually a combination of two different resource packs. There is the Lidrith pack itself, which is currently a work in progress but one that looks good so far. Then there’s the 3D models addition which players can place on top of Lidrith itself in their list of resource packs in Minecraft if they want improved models and graphics. The textures do look better in general and that’s probably thanks to the slightly boosted resolution of 32x. That’s roughly twice as much detail as you get from 16x resolution textures and while it might not sound like much, it makes a big difference in this pack.




A lot of the textures in Lidrith resource pack look brighter and clearer, as if they aren’t quite as murky as usual. Stone blocks of all types look especially nice, from lowly cobble up to the various types of bricks the player can create. Again, because the Lidrith pack isn’t finished yet, some of the textures have yet to be updated or replaced. You’ll probably notice the trees look just like they always have, and there are a number of other utility and construction blocks which look the same too. Some items and particle effects have been updated and there is a solid custom GUI as well.




The Lidrith resource pack has the makings of a fun pack. It’s simple enough that most Minecraft players can use it without experiencing any chugging and it looks good enough (at least so far) that people might actually leave it on after trying it. These are both good signs you’re looking at a great resource pack and two things to check for whenever you’re viewing one for the first time. This pack is made for Minecraft 1.8 and up, so use the latest game version.

Lidrith Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8 Changelogs

  • Ores done.
  • Animated, erratic movement for ‘Eye of Ender’ texture.
  • Animated Flint n’ Steel textures.

Download Links for Lidrith Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: XYZDimensions – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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