Skyscraper City Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

With a name like Skyscraper City, most people will probably be able to deduce what this map looks like. But that’s actually just one small section of E-Land, the actual map, which is referred to as Skyscraper City because that’s the main attraction of the map. But E-Land has everything – massive deserts with pyramids to explore, athletic stadiums where players could compete in events with the proper mods, towers out in the wilderness with all manner of nasty baddies and rare loot to find and much more. The fact the map manages to include all this while still looking modern at its heart is impressive.







There is enough to explore on the Skyscraper City map to keep even a large group of players busy for hours. It probably wouldn’t do to use as a world for a typical online Survival server because there just isn’t enough space for people to set up plots and build their sprawling homes, however. Much of the map is water, with bridges interconnecting broken up land masses. You’ll need to use those or else boat around if you want to get anywhere on this map, so be sure to pack a few extra wooden blocks for such an occasion.

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: Si_vle – Original Thread on Minecraft Forum



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