Super Craft Bros. Brawl Map for Minecraft 1.8.7

Nintendo really managed to tap into a ready market when they started producing their Super Smash Bros. game series. Seeing their iconic characters fighting each other in a number of familiar worlds has made the games a huge success, so much so that other companies are creating similar games now. To experience the fun and excitement of Smash Bros. in a Minecraft world, you might want to try out the Super Craft Bros. Brawl map. Modeled after the Brawl title from the Smash franchise, it features many scaled maps all collected in a single Minecraft world, making this project a large one.



The map works fine without downloading any other software, patches or mods. You must be using the right version of Minecraft for it to work though, and that’s a few releases back since this map hasn’t seen an official update in a while. There are 6 different arenas to choose from, with 8 unique characters players can use to beat each other to bits. Falling off the world counts as a death and players have a limited number of lives, just like in the Nintendo games. The Super Craft Bros. Brawl map does a good job of translating the epic Smash experience in a blocky environment.

Super Craft Bros. Brawl Map Features

  • Supports 2-4 players
  • 8 unique characters
  • 6 maps
  • Random item drops aroud the map
  • Automatic life counter
  • Automatic spectators

Download Links for Super Craft Bros. Brawl Map

for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: SethBling


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