The Dungeon of Death Map for Minecraft 1.11

The Dungeon of Death is an adventure map that’s full of danger and horror. One particular characteristic that sets this map apart from others in this category is the fact that it has a plot that’s significantly darker than usual. Most adventure maps have fairly light-hearted plots that take place in vibrant settings, but this map seems to go in the entirely opposite direction. The dark setting might put off a few players but, as long as you can appreciate a high-quality adventure map, you’ll definitely have a good time going through The Dungeon of Death.


In The Dungeon of Death, you play as a brave adventurer who ran into a bit of tough luck on one of his adventures. You’ve been arrested even though you didn’t necessarily do anything wrong and have been tossed into a dark and dangerous dungeon that there seems to be no getting out of. Many dangerous beings lurk in this dungeon, and it’s only a matter of time before they get to you which is why you’ll need to figure out a way to get out as soon as possible.


The Dungeon of Death doesn’t really present anything out of the ordinary when it comes to the gameplay but, in spite of this, it’s really fun to play and isn’t all that challenging either. The map can take somewhere between 10-20 minutes to complete, but these numbers can fluctuate heavily depending on your Minecraft skills. Of course, it goes without saying that every map has its fair share of flaws and this one is no exception. One minor problem that this map faces is the fact that the gameplay can feel slightly repetitive after the first few minutes but this isn’t that big of an issue because the map’s play-time is quite short anyway.

How to install The Dungeon of Death Map?

  1. Press the Windows or Start button, then press R. This will open the Run prompt.
  2. Type %appdata% into the prompt and run the command.
  3. A folder filled with other folders will now open. Just find the Minecraft folder among these and open it.
  4. In .minecraft you will find another folder, saves. Unzip and move your world file into this folder and you’re all done.

Download Link for The Dungeon of Death Map

for Minecraft 1.11.X

Credit: Louis McLoughlin



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