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Amidst Tool for Minecraft 1.8

Part of the fun in Minecraft is starting new worlds and going exploring, just to see how things look this time around compared to the last world you created. Lots of players get stuck on the game just for this, and it’s an addictive aspect of Minecraft that keeps players playing. If you’re like others who have gotten tired of going searching for points of interest and just want to know where you can find a village, stronghold, temple or other location to set up at, then the Amidst mod is just what you’re looking for. By accessing data files about a particular world, this mod can nail down where cool things can be found.




While the Amidst mod can’t show any modifications that have been made to the world or give readouts on specific, individual blocks, it can help players to locate a number of interesting points, such as the following:

  • Strongholds, both above and below the ground
  • Villages, regardless of the biome in which they’ve spawned
  • Player spawn points, in single player and multiplayer worlds
  • Temples, in deserts and jungles
  • Much, much more

While it hasn’t been updated to work with Minecraft 1.8, it’s a safe assumption that this mod will eventually tell players where to find underwater palaces as well.

Amidst Tool for Minecraft 1.8 Changelogs

  • AMIDST is now under GPL v3
  • Completely reworked the profile selector.
  • Hidden files/folders now show when opening a world from a file/folder.
  • Mac OS X users should no longer experience the “corrupted” issue.

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Comments (12)

Who ever wrote this post linked the old version which DOES NOT support 1.8, AMIDST v3.7 however DOES support Minecraft 1.8, you can find it on the AMIDST Github page here:

So, i’m still getting an exception when running amidst!
it reads:

[crash] amidst has encountered an uncaught exception on thread [AWT-EventQueue-0,6,main]

i can copy the rest of the exception info, but am unable to paste it here.
the thing crashes, so i cant use it at all.
i’m running minecraft 1.8 on a x64 machine with 16 gig ram and an i7 processor. win 8.1
Please, if you need more info on this, you can mail me directly and i can send you the rest of the crash info.

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