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Colorfull Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7

The name of this resource pack is neither misnomer nor typo. The Colorfull resource pack is really truly full of color, with lots of bright pastels which are strangely soothing despite how loud they are. Yes, you don’t hear the colors, but like a loud sound these expressive shades will catch your attention and make you look, just like the sound would make you listen. This pack modifies most aspects of Minecraft and does a pretty good job of making the game look thoroughly different, which is kind of amazing considering the standard 16x resolution of the textures. Things look pretty good.



While everything looks better, that doesn’t mean every texture in Minecraft is modified by the Colorfull resource pack. You’ll probably immediately notice that trees and their foliage don’t look very different at all, even if other basic textures like dirt and grass get visual upgrades. If you manage to spawn in or near a flowery biome, you’ll also see that all the flowers look different, from the common poppy and dandelion to all of the new flowers, even the ones that are two blocks tall. The only thing this resource pack fails to do is improve lighting effects.




Honestly, this probably isn’t a big deal for most players, but some will definitely be sticklers about the fact torchlight doesn’t seem to carry as far, or that lava and glowstone don’t seem to create as much light as normal. Of course this is just a visual thing; these light sources all create the normal amount of light and stop monsters from spawning for the correct number of blocks in all directions. It can be kind of confusing to see the lowered light if you don’t know this already though.

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for Minecraft 1.8.X

Credit: TrueSkkener – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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