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Huntington City Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7

Have you ever been caught up by the urge to recreate a city in Minecraft – maybe even the city where you actually live? It happens to people all the time, and Minecraft is the perfect outlet for all those creative juices once they start flowing. The Huntington City resource pack is a realistic pack which allows players to build structures, docks, streets and other aspects of a city, with most of the textures revamped to look like they belong in a downtown metropolitan area, rather than in the middle of some forest full of giant mushrooms. It’s actually a pretty nice set of changes too.




This resource pack, created by Yazur, is actually a combination of two packs. There is the one, the Huntington City pack, which contains all of the updated textures, blocks, items and icons. Then there is a secondary kind of add-on pack which allows for 3D models in Huntington City. You won’t get the best models possible without this extra pack, and you must make sure the models pack shows up above Huntington City in your in-game list of resource packs if you want it to work correctly. If it doesn’t, just close the game out a moment, go to the folder and rearrange the files. That should fix it.




There is little doubt that the significantly boosted 64x resolution has a lot to do with how good the Huntington City resource pack looks. Some of the textures really demand attention, especially when we’re talking about several common construction blocks. It’s actually kind of amazing how much detail went into such common blocks when you consider how often the opposite seems to happen in other resource packs. If you’ve got some major city building project in mind, this is a pack you’ll want to check out.

Huntington City Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.7 Changelogs

  • Added 3D Hydrant.
  • Adeed wall torch new 3D model.
  • Fixed some stuff.

Download Links for Huntington City Resource Pack

for Minecraft 1.8.X

3D models

Credit: Yazur – Original Thread on Planet Minecraft

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