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Pamplemousse Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1

Pamplemousse is one of the few resource packs which does modern right. Not only does it change several of the boring, gray stone blocks into bricks of different colors and thereby add more variety to Minecraft, but it also fills out many textures. Trees and their leaves especially look fuller, more like live trees than half-dead ones which are missing a majority of their leaves. All the extra colors and filled textures make Pamplemousse resource pack look a lot brighter too, an effect some users will say makes the game look more like a cartoon. Other players just love it, as is evidenced by the 200,000+ downloads from PMC alone.




Pamplemousse resource pack allows players to create just about any modern realistic structures they can imagine, without requiring them to use multiple resource packs or mods to get the job done. Unlike many resource packs which are the work of a single person, Pamplemousse is more like a collective of the work of several different people, and the resource pack cannot be attributed to any single author. With a surprisingly deceptive resolution of 16x, Pamplemousse does a lot more than the majority of other resource packs which come in at a similar size. It’s just better, which is why it’s so popular.



This is not the resource pack for someone looking to build ancient castles and fortresses, or other medieval construction. For those who want a luxury hotel overlooking a beach, or something more modern and along these lines, Pamplemousse resource pack is perfect. It’s been recently updated to work properly with Minecraft 1.8, but there’s no telling what future versions of the game will be like now that Microsoft has bought Mojang; only time will tell if resource packs like Pamplemousse will continue to be viable.

Pamplemousse Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1 Changelogs

  • Removed unnecessary files to compact overall pack size.
  • Updated paintings.
  • Minor refinements to other textures.
  • Fixed horses.

Download Pamplemousse Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.1

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